Questions to Ask 

(Beware of Bargain Specialists. Your savings won't mean much if you receive a low quality product, without after-sale service.....)

1) What type of home do you live in?
-Single family home.
-Store front
-Condo, need special installation.
-Sub-floor wood or concrete.
-Soundproofing standards.

2) What kind of furniture is in the room, and what style of decor?
-Is there already wood in the room?
-Are there a lot of furnishings, or just a few?
-What shade are they?
-Is the house new?  The ambiance you're looking for will largely influence your of wood species, grade, color, and finish.
Consult an interior designer.

3) What rooms are you planning to floor?

-Find out what sub-floor you have.
-Find out what direct the joists run.
-If a basement, is engineered flooring the best choice for you?
-Sketch out the rooms where you want to install your hardwood flood!
-Take note of stairs ways, closets, and any obstacles that will require special fittings. 

4) How many people live in your home?

-The more people there are, the greater the traffic, and the more durable your finish needs to be.
- Choice a low gloss finish if you have small children or pets. It's better suited as it will minimize the appearance of scratches.

5) Who should you have install your floor?
-Hire a flooring installation specialists who will guarantee their work in writing.
-Receive referrals.
-Check out their work and check angie's list.

6) Chose an EXPERT for your floor!
- Does your retailer have a good product and accessory inventory?
-How are products delivered to your work site?
-Does your retailer offer an installation service?
-Can you get maintenance products and manufacturer's maintenance guides?
-Are manufacturer's warranties available?

7) Ask about the RETAILER's experience and reputation?
-How many years in business?
-Are they an authorized dealer of the Brand you want to buy?
-Do you know anyone who has bought from the company and would recommend it.
-Can the RETAILER provide you with references? (Ask to see photos or videos of it's work.)
-Is the estimate you received "detailed and exact"?
-Can the retailer explain the technical aspects of installing a hardwood floor to you?