JD Flooring offers hundreds of hardwood floor covering options for you to choose from.
Our hardwood floors are available in many popular wood species, from classic oak to exotic tropical hardwoods.

Hardwood floors are one of the most aesthetically pleasing design elements in any residential or commercial building. See images page.

JD Flooring can provide valuable information about wood flooring refinishing, and sanding as well.

We offer these products:

Types of Hardwood -

Solid Hardwood Flooring ...  1) It's milled from solid wood; 2) comes unfinished; 3) you apply your own stain; 4)  prefinished for one less step and an easier installation. We can also do...5) Smooth  Finish 6) Hand Scraped  7) Bevel Edge  8) Wide Plank and 9) Oil Finish.

American Cherry                             Cumaru                               Red Cumaru         

American Walnut                             Elm                                      Red Oak

Ash                                                 Golden Teak                         Red Oak & White Oak

Australian Cypress                          Hickory                                 Santos Mahogany

Birch                                                Lyptus harwood                   Shortleaf Acacia

Bolivian Rosewood                           Malaccan Cherry                 White Oak

Brazilian Cherry                               Maple

Brazilian Chestnut                            Oak

Brazilian Koa                                    Patagonian Cherry

Brazilian Redwood                            Patagonian Rosewood

Brazilian Walnut         

Engineered Hardwood

A pre-finished engineer hardwood flooring is solid as boards;  made up of a hardwood surface  (called the wear layer) glued on a plywood base. Developed for installation in areas with variable humidity levels, engineered flooring is more stable than solid wood. The boards can be glued directly onto concrete, an acoustic underlay, or even a sub-floor with a flooring heating system. They can also be stapled to a plywood sub-floor. This is the perfect floor covering for condominiums, basements, and commercial uses.

Quality of Engineered floors can be determined by looking at four factors:

1) The thickness of the wear layer.

2) The number of plies that the plywood is made of.

3) The surface cutting procedures used.

4) The precision of the cut. 


The quality and durability of a finish is not determined by the number of coats; but rather by the 1) quality of material, 2) and the application procedure used. Some manufacturers use a variable staining process to recreate the authentic look of old-fashioned floors. They can use a coloring technique that simulates wear on wide planks. These floor go perfectly with either an antique or modern look.

Your lighter woods are more likely to change color or turn yellow from the effect of intense light or the sun's rays. To reduce and slow discoloration, some manufacturers mix a UV treatment directly into their finish, or add an antimicrobial agent for a more hygienic environment and a floor that is easier to clean.